Spotted Gum Laminate

A home renovation can cost a lot, but it should not cost more than you expect if you plan it right. As a premium home renovation solution provider, we recommend focusing on following 3 areas to consider, while you make big steps to create a world you’d love to live in.

The lounge

The lounge is the only single piece of furniture that everyone will sit on regularly. For this reason, it needs to be comfortable and durable.

The flooring

Flooring covers the biggest surface area in our home (except the walls); So there’s no doubt the right flooring option can make a home seem more luxurious. If you’re renovating, flooring will no doubt be an important investment and a big consideration. Whether you want durable, environmentally friendly or the height of luxury of quality solid timber look, there are so many options available at every price point. Laminate flooring, in particular, has improved greatly in the last few years with a range of extremely convincing timber finishes and durability they offer available.

The Bed

Or should we say the mattress? After all, it’s the mattress you should invest in, not the bed.

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