Nougat Oak

Nougat Oak

  • Color:Nougat
  • Wood Finish:UV Lacquer
  • Texture:Wire Brushed
  • Gloss Level:Matte Finish
  • Thickness:15/3 mm
  • Pack Size:2.28 m2
  • Dimensions Available2000mm x 190mm
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This is the healthy, safe and environmental friendly product. It doesn’t contain Heavy Metals, Formaldehyde, Lead, Pentachlorophenol, MDI or TDI. We also confirm that our UV-Finishes, fully cured will not pose any health hazard to the user of the wooden floor.

This European Oak Engineered board features natural colors of yellow and texture.

All our European Oak floor boards are pre-finished with a tongue and groove on the ends and sides for easy installation.

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