Engineered Oak Flooring


Engineered Oak Flooring Melbourne – For the Appearance of Real Wood

Representing the aesthetics of solid hardwood, engineered oak flooring offers the best in innovative design with a lot of versatility. Comprising of several layers with the top layer made from real hardwood, the oak engineered wood flooring allows hassle-free installation. Moreover, the core layers on this flooring are made from spruce and pine wood, allowing the floor to expand and contract with changing environmental conditions or temperature. At Solid Flooring, we offer the best solution in engineered oak timber flooring across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.


Engineered wood flooring is made of plywood with a veneer of fine hardwood on top. Available in a wide range of color tones, such as dark chocolate brown and walnut, these floors need low maintenance and is ideally suited for high traffic areas.

  • Use of real wood – Only the thin veneer skin on top is real wood
  • Thickness – Variant, as per your requirement
  • Refinishing and repair needs – Moderate, only the top veneer layer can be refinished to improve aesthetic appeal
  • Moisture resistance – Better than solid hardwood
  • Installation – Easy, can be glued/stapled to the subfloor
  • Suitable applications – Any floor, except high water prone areas
  • Comfort under the feet – Warm as it can not conduct cold

Most of us have the tendency to overlook the benefits of engineered oak timber flooring in Melbourne, considering it to be more expensive than other flooring options like linoleum or carpets. However, there are great long-term benefits of oak engineered wood flooring that can outweigh the initial costs of installation and services.

With superior stability, the engineered oak flooring is highly resistant to humidity and variations in temperature. The biggest advantage with the engineered wood is that it can be installed where you won’t expect to use solid hardwood flooring. These floors are even suitable for moisture-prone spaces like finished basements.

If you want premium aesthetic appeal and high durability of engineered oak for your floors, call us now! We ensure that your floors look great, without breaking your bank!